THE MORBIER CLOCK ONLINE MUSEUM, opened on August 25, 2010, is part of Bernd Deckert Clock Co, Duesseldorf (Germany) - Antique Clocks/Clock Manufactory/Morbier Clock Museum. Since April 23rd. 2011 visitors are registrated.


Access to the MORBIER CLOCK ONLINE MUSEUM is free for everyone. No registration - no password - no charges.

In the files on the left you will find hundreds of antique Morbier clocks. Using ‘Search Gallery’ right above helps you to find quickly what you are looking for.Enjoy the World of Morbier clocks!

The Morbier Clock Museum at Duesseldorf was established in 2001 and expanded in 2006. Moved to a new location in 2015, the total Museum space now covers more than 200 sqm (2200 sq ft). More than 400 Morbier clocks demonstrate the development of these famous French clocks from approximately 1700 till the beginning of World War I when the production ceased. If you are interested to learn more about the Museum in Duesseldorf go to


The variety of Morbier clocks is so large that no collection can possibly show all types ofclocks produced during the centuries. The MORBIER CLOCK ONLINE MUSEUM, however, offers a chance to compile a complete survey of Morbier clocks worldwide. If many collectors from different countries supply photos of interesting Morbier clocks that are not yet included in the online collection, this dream will come true. Do not hesitate to contact the Morbier Clock Museum! Our knowledge about the history of Morbier clocks is steadily increasing. Unlike printed literature a MORBIER CLOCK ONLINE MUSEUM can be constantly updated, age determination and descriptions of clocks can be changed, photos can be replaced or added, if necessary.

The MORBIER CLOCK ONLINE MUSEUM is looking for passionate collectors helping to set up this museum as well as attend to correct translations in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese languages to prevent misunderstandings.

In case of questions concerning morbier clocks please contact COMTOISE FORUM using the following link: 1074898.html.

The GUEST BOOK is waiting for your friendly comments and/or constructive criticism.

The E-SHOP of MORBIER CLOCK ( ONLINE ) MUSEUM offering a lot of  spare parts for repair and/or restoration of antique clocks as well as antique clocks of all kinds together with certificates of authenticity. Contacts can be made under +

( This shop was opened on August 25.2011 but is still under process )

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The MORBIER CLOCK ONLINE MUSEUM is not yet complete. More clocks and a lot more descriptions in different languages must be added. We are working hard to progress.

If you want information about recent developments please send us an e-mail.

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